I recently posted some of my favorite food memories from the past year, but I realized I forgot one!

Grass in my pre-packaged salad.  For a quick meal before I had to leave for work one day, I got a salad from Fresh&Easy, a local grocery store.  I was munching away when I discovered an awfully long and skinny piece of “lettuce” on my fork.  Upon closer inspection, I confirmed that it was a piece of grass.  I was shocked, but for some odd reason, I had a feeling this was more common than I thought.  After laughing in disbelief, I ate the rest of my salad, cautious to avoid any more blades of grass.  Some of you might scrunch your faces in disgust that I continued eating, but hey…there was no dirt or dandelions.  That’s where I would have drawn the line.

Anyways, I haven’t gotten a salad from there since.  Sorry Fresh&Easy, but I’m more of a spinach salad type of girl.  Save the grass for the farm animals.


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