Only mom can

On the menu tonight – mom’s Spanish rice with chicken and peas.

I wish I could give you a recipe for this, but it’s one of those things that has no recipe.  No measurements.  Just practice and know-how.  It involves lightly toasting rice, caramelizing onions, and shredding chicken.  The rest is just in the hands of my mom.  If she had one signature dish, it would be chicken enchiladas accompanied with this.  I have a feeling it’s not as hard to make as I think it is, but there’s something about having your mom make it for you. 🙂 Perhaps the next time she makes it I’ll sit and observe, taking notes to use as a guideline when (if) I attempt to make it on my own.  If that point in time ever comes, I’ll let you know.

Do your parents have a specific dish that you feel only THEY can make?

My best friend’s dad makes chili that is beyond wonderful and he just throws stuff in without using a recipe.  Someone else attempting to recreate it would only be an insult to his brilliancy.

One of my many aspirations is to be one of those kinds of cooks.  To be able to throw things in a pot with no guidelines besides my own brain and have the results be fabulous…that’s a true cook to me.


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