Some updates and fun facts

1. It’s been unusually cold here and I’ve been drinking smoothies for the past few days.  It makes perfect sense.

2. On Monday night, I wanted cookies.  So cookies I made.  With these chocolate chips.  I don’t regret the decision.
3. Yesterday morning, I did a workout courtesy of NikeWomen Training Club.  When this app was brought to my attention by Kat, I was super intrigued.  The fact that the app is free drew me in all the more.  After completing 10 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill, I went on to do the Beginner Sweat + Shape workout.  
Uhh yeah.  I sweated.  
It reminded me of the type of exercises I would do for volleyball conditioning in high school.  Lots of lunges and squats, jump training, and core work.  Even though my inner thighs are screaming at me this morning, I really like the app and will absolutely stick with it.  Thanks Kat! 🙂

4. Last night, I made this and it was to. die. for.  The pioneer woman knows what she’s doing.  I’ll be back later with pictures and more swooning.

5. Miss Allison nominated me for this! (Thanks girl!)
I’m excited.  So now I get to write 7 facts about myself.  And you get to read them!  Lucky you. 😉

1. I’d choose vanilla over chocolate any day.

2. I went to the same school from kindergarten to 12th grade and graduated with a class of 22.

3. Pretty much all the clothes I wear come from Urban Outfitters and nothing I buy costs more than $10.  I ❤ the sale section.  When I see a pair of jeans in my size marked down to $5 from $90, my heart jumps.

4. I love mornings!  I would so much rather wake up extra early than stay up extra late.

5. My hands are constantly cold.  Good for handling pastry dough! 😉

6. Secretly I wish I could trade places with Adam Richman and host man v food for a day.  Or maybe forever.

7. I love God with my whole heart.

Have an awesome day!

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