Interesting indian food

Indian food has always been intriguing to me.  The aromatic spices, rich flavors, and vibrant colors are all super appealing to me.

I once made Jenna’s chana masala (which was awesome), but I still longed to try the plethora of other foods Indian fare has to offer.

Enter Mint Indian Bistro and a visiting friend.  We went to lunch at this small and quaint bistro and decided to go with their lunch buffet.  They had a spread of about 15-20 different items including soups and desserts.  They also had plenty of fresh fruit, sauces, and chutneys.  The menu included not just Indian dishes, but Nepalese, Tibetan, and Himalayan as well.

I really should’ve taken notes on what they had, but in the company of a good friend, one must have priorities. 😉 As far as I remember, on this plate, there was regular basmati rice, seasoned basmati rice, saag (spinach), chicken tikki masala, tandoori chicken, a mushroom and tofu dish, a potato and pea dish, vegan chau chau (noodles), and goat (I’ve never had it before and had to try it!).  I had a small second plate that had chili chicken, and chicken and cauliflower pakoda (kind of like an Indian tempura).  In addition to the entrees, we also got plain and roasted garlic naan.

I love naan.  I think it’s safe to say I love any type of bread. 🙂

This being my first experience with Indian food not made by me or out of a package, I can say it was mostly pretty good.  Anything I didn’t like was not because I felt it was made poorly, but rather, a mere personal taste.

With that, let me just say…dessert was not my favorite.
Super attractive photo, I know.
Vermicelli noodles in a warm and creamy broth along with “Lal Mohan,” which the online menu describes as

“Fluffy milk-based pastries, brown on the outside, and awesome on the inside, just like the Himalayan folk.”

🙂 So cheesy, right?  That little brown ball was basically a donut hole soaked (and I mean soaked to the core) in sugary syrup.  Both of these dessert items were way too sweet for me.  That says a lot coming from a girl who loves all things sweet.  When you bit the donut, syrup came gushing out into your mouth.  Totally not appealing.

On a better note, I purchased a Groupon for food at India Palace, which has the stamp of approval from my friend who was actually born and raised in the heart of India.  I’m excited to try it!

Have you eaten Indian food before?  What’s your favorite dish?

Have a lovely day you guys!

5 thoughts on “Interesting indian food

  1. That dessert does look interesting! I love anything sweet though so I'm sure I would like it :)I did go to an Indian buffet once and I dont remember what any of it was called, but I liked a lot of it! Esp naan, you can never go wrong with naan!

  2. @Maryann: girl, i love sweet things too but that stuff was intense haha.@Matt: couldn't agree more. ;)@Kat: you should definitely try it! the flavors are very unique. 🙂

  3. I have actually had that Indian dessert! In grad school, I had an Indian friend who made it for us. It was really unique and different, but I think I prefer spaghetti the traditional way. 🙂

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