Long day

Hello hello!

Does anybody else find it crazy that it’s already February!? Yikes.

I’ve had such a day. It started out extraordinarily windy and cold and ended the same way. Wind + my crazy curly hair = not a pretty sight.

Tuesdays are so long for me. I get to school around 9am and don’t leave until 9pm. Needless to say, every Tuesday, I make sure to arm myself with a lunchbox full of food lest I end up spending an arm and a leg for food on campus. Or starve. Either one is a terrible option.

Fruit, vegetables, string cheese, pb sandwiches, and larabars all make regular appearances in my packed lunches/dinners, but today I had something a little different.

Yay for trader joes salads!

To be perfectly honest, this salad was kind of weird to me. I didn’t eat the cranberries or use the dressing because they were way too sweet.

What I was left with was brussels sprouts, a few hazelnuts, a few shreds of cheese, and about 3 bacon crumbles. Sounds kind of pathetic, but it was good! I’m one of those weirdos who actually likes brussels sprouts. 🙂

That’s all I got for now. I’m totally worn out, so it’s definitely my bed time. Have a lovely night guys!

Do you guys have any go-to foods for when you’re on the run or not at home all day?

2 thoughts on “Long day

  1. Oh wow I thought I had some long days but you definitely have me beat! I usually try to pack a salad, sandwich, string cheese, a yogurt and apple when Im at school all day…nothing too fancy 🙂

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