Whoa. Over two months since I last blogged. Does that mean I’m not a real blogger?

For the past couple months, my focus has been placed on school, family, friends, and a bit more school. Happy to say I passed my crazy classes with flying colors.

Now I’ve got this to look forward to. Or to not look forward to.

Wah. A semester’s worth of Organic Chemistry packed into 6 precious weeks of my summer. Jealous? I wouldn’t be either.

I’ve been on summer break for a couple weeks now and have been enjoying the down time before my class starts (next Wednesday!). Here are some of the awesome things I’ve been into.

In case you didn’t know it already, boba is awesome. Please. If you ever get it, get taro (that’s the pretty purple one!) Love.

Something else that’s pretty bomb? Jenna’s lemon brown sugar chicken. So tangy and sweet! It’s super easy too. I had mine with toasted Israeli cous cous and steamed brussels sprouts. I went back for seconds.

Cake pops. I like them. I think I like them even more because they’re cute and pretty pink. This one was the first and so far, only one I’ve ever had and it’s the birthday cake flavor.
I might be partial to pink because I really dig pink lady apples. Crunchy, sweet, with a touch of tartness as well. Have I ever mentioned it’s one of my goals in life to try every variety of apple? I dream big.
Yes. I went. I loved it. I want to marry Harry Shum Jr.