As of about a week and a half, I’m 21. I had one extraordinarily delicious mixed berry mojito on my birthday but if you want me to be real, I’d take a cupcake over booze any day of the week.

As far as turning 21 goes, Joy the Baker knows what’s up. I like her.

In other news, I’m alive after Organic Chemistry and I didn’t lose my hair to stress! Quite a feat.

I recently got back from a nice vacation with my family to California. Pictures? I got some.

I swooned over this fairytale house.
I’m a little obsessed with Instagram.

I’ve been spending my newfound free time with my nose in books (that I actually want to read!):

And watching junky tv like Pretty Little Liars and Teen Mom.

Reading good books, watching lame tv. It balances out.

Cooking is always good too. I got a cutesy apron for my birthday and decided to put it to use by making Chicken Tikka Masala.

Yeah, that totally happened. I based it super suuuper loosely off of this recipe. By loosely I mean, I cut the recipe in half, omitted the cream and butter, subbed in a touch of 0% Fage, and grilled my chicken instead of broiling it. You might think all those changes would make for a lame dish, but it was seriously so good. It was obviously much less creamy than the original recipe would have it be, but still satisfying. I’ll try to write down exactly what I did and share it with you guys later!

What have you been up to lately?

One thought on “Recently

  1. I think I aged 20 years when I was in organic chem. That was prob the most difficult course I have ever taken in my life. Can you believe I am missing a chem minor by 1 course??? Guess what it was – Organic Chem 2! No way I was gonna take that one I couldn't do it!!

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