Tofu rice bowls

Salad bar at Whole Foods.

You guys have been there, yes?

Amongst their wide array of vegetables, fruits, grain and pasta salads, they have this baked tofu that I have a mild obsession with. I always get a couple cubes of it no matter what it is I’m getting at the salad bar.

This tofu has no evidence of ever being spongy or mushy. It’s thick and chewy with a mild enough flavor to go with pretty much anything.

One day, I glanced at the ingredients and all it is is tofu and tamari. Say what? “I can totally make that,” I thought.

And last night was my first attempt.

The results? Not bad (definitely better than tofu I’ve made in the past), but still not as good as WF.

All I did was cut up a block of firm tofu (you can do whatever shape your heart desires), brush it with soy sauce, and bake at 350 for about 40 minutes, flipping every ten minutes. It shrinks big time so beware.

It all came together well with brown rice, shredded raw carrots, edamame, and peanut sauce.

Inspired by this dish.

I love the addition of shredded carrots.  You get to keep all the nutrients that might be lost with cooking as well as a nice natural sweetness. Shredding makes it super easy to eat, too!

As far as the peanut sauce goes, I’m fairly certain I can pour that stuff on just about anything and it’d make it good.

This is one of those basic dishes that you can easily customize. Liking the idea of broccoli that day? Throw it in! Hate edamame? Leave it out! Totally up to you.


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