Babycakes cafe

It’s not often when I find a cute, homey type of restaurant here in Las Vegas.

However, yesterday I happened to visit a little place called Babycakes Cafe (soon switching to Babystacks Cafe). You know a place is going to be good when it’s tiny and people are willing to wait upwards of an hour to get a table.

As you might assume from the name, their specialty is pancakes. They have everything from carrot cake pancakes to s’mores pancakes, with red velvet pancakes being their most popular.

Sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. Dusted with cocoa powder.

Everything sounded crazy amazing, but I had to go with the red velvet pancakes after all the good things I had heard about them.

They ruled. Though you might expect them to be, they weren’t too sweet or over the top. They came with a side of cream cheese syrup, but whether you used it or not, they tasted great all the same.

My friend and her boyfriend had the corned beef hash and they were super satisfied with it as well.

Total breakfast success! I’m excited to go back and taste other things on the menu.

In other news, I’ve got many a can of pumpkin and many a pumpkin recipe I’ve been itching to make. Stay tuned.

Have a beautiful day.

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