Happy christmas

All I know is that when your day starts with pumpkin waffles, it’s sure to be a good day.

I hope your Christmas was overflowing with all things wonderful and absolutely no Christmas grinches.  Unless they’re of the cartoon variety.  Then that’s okay.

Merry merry Christmas!


Christmas cheer

Since my last post, I successfully got sick during the worst possible time (finals week).  This was my life for about a week.

Finals week was the busiest, craziest one of my undergraduate career.  After a week of anticipation, grades were finally posted and I could breathe a giant sigh of relief.

Now, Christmas cheer abounds.  Not just Christmas cheer, but Christmas desserts.  Desserts = cheer, though, right?

Jenna’s peppermint mocha cookies.

Dessert tasting at my work holiday party.  Towards the middle bottom of that picture is a little piece of real New York cheesecake made by my real New York coworker.  Real New York heaven.

Secret santa party with my friends!  We made chocolate-covered oreos, spritz cookies (my favorite Christmas cookie of all time), chocolate pretzel trees, and we even got crafty with little stockings.

Close-up of the swirly twirly oreos.
It’s been a fantastic winter break so far.  The rest will be filled with more fun and friends and baking and all things great.  Plus working on internship applications.  Eek.
I may or may not have done any Christmas shopping whatsoever and I may or may not be starting that today.
Love to you!  Have a wonderful day!

Winding down

Two more weeks left of school.  I’m spending my time reading a book about bananas, writing a paper on l-carnitine supplementation, and researching the origin of the sweet potato.  Actually starting to study for finals comes soon.

Here are my best tips for pulling through the last couple weeks (at least semi-) gracefully:

Make a list.  Write out all the tasks you need to complete, organized by their deadlines or priorities.  Stick to that list and try to get things done in order.  Another way to go about it is to get things that take the longest done first, leaving the quick and easy stuff for last.

Checking things off a list is awesome. Instant gratification. Maybe I’m just a super simple lady, but it’s little things like these that get me pumped.

Fuel your brain. I don’t know how many friends I’ve had tell me they were so busy, they forgot to eat.  This really makes no sense to me.  It’s something I’ll probably never be able to comprehend.  It doesn’t matter how busy I get, how long my task list is, when I’m hungry, there’s no forgetting about it.

When you’re studying hard all night, burning that midnight oil, your brain is begging for some fuel.  Give it some fuel.  It can be as plain as a bowl of cereal or air-popped popcorn to as fancy as roasted salmon with sweet potatoes and asparagus (my favorite).

Make time for fun.  When I’m busy doing homework, reading, or studying all day long, I get worn out quick.  Real quick.  I find that giving myself a little time to do something other than school-related work refreshes my mind and gives me more energy to complete my tasks later on.

Maybe for you that means watching an episode or two of Saved by the Bell.  Maybe it means going out for frozen yogurt with your best friend.  Maybe it means taking a walk in the park. Whatever makes you feel good, do that.

Relax.  Remember that it’s all going to be okay.  (It will!)  Soon, this will be over and you’ll be able to get in the kitchen and bake Christmas cookies or get in your bed and hibernate like a polar bear.  Both of these things I desperately want to do.  Find your focus and stay with it!  You rule.

Love and happy Sunday to you.


Here’s my opinion on brussels sprouts.

If you’re going to like them in some way, you’re going to like them roasted.  If you don’t like them roasted, you probably won’t like them in any way.

I’m weird and I even like them straight up steamed with nothing on them, but seriously… roasting is the way to go.

Trim, drizzle with olive olive, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper, roast at 450 for about 20 minutes, flip once midway through, and BOOM.  You have roasted brussels sprouts.

These things are so simple, but so good.  Brussels sprout haters, give them a shot!

On a side note, happy December!  I guess Vegas decided now would be a good time to bring on wintery weather, so it got rather chilly today.  And windy.  Which spells disaster for my hair, but that’s what bun hairstyles and headbands were made for.  It’s true.

Do you have a favorite way to cook vegetables?
I’m fairly certain roasting would make most anything taste awesome.