Here’s my opinion on brussels sprouts.

If you’re going to like them in some way, you’re going to like them roasted.  If you don’t like them roasted, you probably won’t like them in any way.

I’m weird and I even like them straight up steamed with nothing on them, but seriously… roasting is the way to go.

Trim, drizzle with olive olive, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper, roast at 450 for about 20 minutes, flip once midway through, and BOOM.  You have roasted brussels sprouts.

These things are so simple, but so good.  Brussels sprout haters, give them a shot!

On a side note, happy December!  I guess Vegas decided now would be a good time to bring on wintery weather, so it got rather chilly today.  And windy.  Which spells disaster for my hair, but that’s what bun hairstyles and headbands were made for.  It’s true.

Do you have a favorite way to cook vegetables?
I’m fairly certain roasting would make most anything taste awesome.

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