Christmas cheer

Since my last post, I successfully got sick during the worst possible time (finals week).  This was my life for about a week.

Finals week was the busiest, craziest one of my undergraduate career.  After a week of anticipation, grades were finally posted and I could breathe a giant sigh of relief.

Now, Christmas cheer abounds.  Not just Christmas cheer, but Christmas desserts.  Desserts = cheer, though, right?

Jenna’s peppermint mocha cookies.

Dessert tasting at my work holiday party.  Towards the middle bottom of that picture is a little piece of real New York cheesecake made by my real New York coworker.  Real New York heaven.

Secret santa party with my friends!  We made chocolate-covered oreos, spritz cookies (my favorite Christmas cookie of all time), chocolate pretzel trees, and we even got crafty with little stockings.

Close-up of the swirly twirly oreos.
It’s been a fantastic winter break so far.  The rest will be filled with more fun and friends and baking and all things great.  Plus working on internship applications.  Eek.
I may or may not have done any Christmas shopping whatsoever and I may or may not be starting that today.
Love to you!  Have a wonderful day!

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