Quinoa cakes/burgers



Do you know about quinoa?  It’s a legit source of complete protein, meaning it has all 9 of the essential amino acids.  Oftentimes, vegetarian protein lacks some essential amino acids and thus has to be combined with other foods in order to get a complete source of protein.  Not quinoa though.  Quinoa’s got you covered.

Coincidentally, the slightly crunchy, slightly nutty grain also makes great “burgers.”

I used this recipe with a few changes, taking some inspiration from here.  Specifically, I used parsley in place of chives, a quarter of a medium yellow onion in place of shallots, and passed on the poached eggs.  I also added some cracked black pepper.
I never claimed to be a food photographer, guys.

Don’t let the looks of this little cake fool you!  It tastes amazing.  The nutty flavor and crunchy texture of the quinoa gets taken to the next level by being cooked up in a little bit of olive oil.  Serve one or two of these over some mixed greens and you’ve got yourself an amazingly light yet satisfying meal.

If my lowly picture isn’t whetting your appetite, check out these websites and maybe you’ll be more enticed.

Have a happy day!


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