Match day

It has been an awful long while since my last post, but I am back with exciting news.

I was matched to the Houston VA Medical Center dietetic internship!

Match day was yesterday, April Fool’s day of all days!  Thankfully, I was able to keep myself occupied with friends, movies, and Thai food until 4:00pm my time when I was able to log onto the DnD Digital system and finally put myself out of my excited/anxious misery.

It took significantly longer for me to log on – I’m assuming it was due to the fact that everyone and their mother were trying to log on all at the same time – but when I finally did, an overwhelming sense of joy and elation overcame me.

It was almost unreal.  I had to read the words on my computer screen several times before bursting into my mom’s room to let her know.

I really cannot wait for all the adventures I’m going to have and all the learning I’m going to do.  The Houston VA internship was the only one I applied for, because of the fact that I knew it was the one I really wanted.  My thoughts were, “Why waste my time and money applying for other programs I don’t feel as strongly about?”  It worked out for me.

I am absolutely thrilled, and I don’t see that excitement dying down anytime soon.

My God is good.  Too good.  And my family, friends, professors, and coworkers have been the most supportive, encouraging, loving group of human beings.  I’ve been blessed beyond words.

I’m moving to Houston, y’all! 😉