SnOw ONO shave ice

This confession might alienate me from a good portion of the population, but…I hate snow cones.

It’s true.  I hate how snow cones are composed of super crunchy ice that makes it impossible to hold onto whatever flavored syrup it is doused with.  I hate that the top of the snow cone is always flavorless, while the bottom is pure syruptown, USA.  You know that phrase “middle is gold”?  It doesn’t work here.  Middle is just as bad as top and bottom.  That doesn’t have a nice ring to it, but it’s the truth.

Truth > nice rings.

Shave ice is not snow cones.  And thank goodness for that.

SnOw ONO is a very popular food truck here in Las Vegas that I had heard many great things about before tasting it myself.  When I found them posted at the Las Vegas Farmers Market, I knew I had to try it.

The menu is very expansive.  Coconut, guava, POG, dreamsicle, and red velvet cake are just a few of the many flavors they have available.  In addition, they have other add-ins like sweetened condensed milk, mochi, and li hing mui powder.

After consulting the very kind employee taking orders, I decided to go with the “tropical explosion” which was half mango, half POG (passion, orange, guava – this is a popular drink in Hawaii) all topped with sweetened condensed milk.

Amazing.  The texture of shave ice is something all its own.  It is very light and pillowy and melts in your mouth the second it hits your tongue (no ice crunching here!).  I can totally see why this truck has a strong fan base.

This type of thing is perfect for a hot summer day. I’m pretty sure I’ll be visiting again before the summer is over.

Eating this sort of made me feel like a kid with a snow cone again, except that this tasted at least 893x better and I was not left with a blue raspberry-stained mouth.


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