Sushi kaya

About a week ago, I ventured out to Sushi Kaya in Las Vegas’s Chinatown for an all-you-can-eat sushi extravaganza for my friend’s birthday.

I’m a little embarrassed to say all I have in the way of photos is a terribly-lit picture of the aftermath.  But hey, when parties are being had, photography takes a back seat.


In all seriousness, this place was pretty great.  For about $25, you can get their all-you-can-eat special which includes everything on their menu, from appetizers to desserts, and every sushi roll you could ever want.  (You do have to pay for beverages that aren’t water.)  Order two special sushi rolls and your bill will already be over $25, so the AYCE is definitely worth the price if your appetite is large enough.

Our group was made up of over 10 people, so sharing definitely happened.  I was able to try potstickers, seaweed salad (love), ahi poki, tiger roll, zizzy roll, sex on the beach roll, and shrek roll.

Everything was very flavorful and fresh – exactly what you would expect of sushi done right.  One of my sushi pet peeves is when “spicy” salmon or “spicy” tuna isn’t at all spicy, but Kaya definitely got it spot on.

The fish rolls were great, but perhaps my favorite item of the night was the shrek roll, vegan-friendly and composed of avocado, cucumber, asparagus, and a very unique and tasty cilantro sauce.  It was something to be craved.

Other people enjoyed a wide variety of other items including vegetable tempura, kimchi fried rice, skewered beef tongue (whoa), and mochi, and everyone seemed satisfied with what they got.

As far as the service went, the wait staff was very friendly and, with the exception of a couple items, very quick with serving our food.


If all you-can-eat-sushi is your thing, definitely give this place a shot.  The shrek roll in and of itself is totally worth trying.


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