It’s time

Time for me to finally talk up one of my favorite restaurants in all the land.

Archi’s Thai Bistro

Here’s the scoop: Archi’s Thai actually has three locations – Thai bistro, Thai kitchen, and Thai cafe.  All three share the same menu and pump out equally fantastic food.  I frequent Archi’s Thai Bistro, but that matters not.

What matters is that fact that this is some of the best Thai food in all of Las Vegas.  This is a family-run restaurant that has repeatedly won Best of Las Vegas, and for very good reason.

They have a wide variety of choices on their menu, including lunch specials.  My go-to Archi’s specialty (read: I never order anything else) is their pad Thai.  It kills me.  In a good way.

I have purposefully gone to many other Thai restaurants to order pad Thai and compare it to Archi’s.  Nothing ever compares.  The fact of the matter is, no other restaurant I have been to has been able to mimic the complex and harmonious flavors that Archi’s delivers.

I can write a novel about the pad Thai, but my laud for this establishment does not end there.  Everything, and I mean everything, I’ve ever tried there has been on point.  Curries, salads, soups, noodle, rice, and meat dishes, appetizers, and desserts…Archi’s delivers in all categories.

The items I’d recommend the most include: pad Thai (did I even need to say that?), chicken satay, silver noodle salad, panang curry, tom kha soup, pineapple fried rice, and mango with sticky rice.  If you’re into Thai iced tea, that’s a winner as well.  (You definitely should be into Thai iced tea, by the way.)

Portions are huge and so great for sharing.  Prices are totally reasonable.  Staff is friendly.  Even during the busiest hours, their service is swift and efficient.  I can’t say enough good things about this place.

Archi’s Thai.  Get at it.


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