4th of july in photos

Two of my friends and I made a quick trip to (not-so-sunny) San Diego on the fourth.  It was a total blast.  A few pictures for your viewing pleasure!

At the end of the night, we decided to venture out by the water for San Diego’s fireworks show.  Around 9 when it was supposed to start, everyone was taken by surprise when a huge explosion of fireworks erupted in the sky.  This was the only photo I managed to snag – the smokey aftermath.  We thought it might have been a teaser to get everyone stoked about the show, but we later found out that there was a mishap and ALL of the fireworks were accidentally set off at the same time (woops), so the show was cancelled.  A lot of people were bummed, but the way I see it…how many people can say they heard the biggest firework explosion on the fourth of July by the water in beautiful San Diego? 🙂

How was your fourth of July?

Also, Happy Friday!  Have a wonderful day!

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