Adventures in austin

Two days ago, I made a quick trip to Austin!  I tagged along after another intern invited me to go with her to pick up a bicycle.

We left Tuesday afternoon and got back late last night, making our trip about a full day.  Not long, but we definitely maximized our time there doing plenty of exploring and being silly.

Exploring and being silly…  This is my life.

We had lunch at Kerbey Lane Cafe.  No pictures to show for it, but I can assure you it was tasty (and pretty inexpensive).  Win.

We did some walkin’.  We didn’t wear the best shoes.  Gellies and slip-ons bound to result in blisters…  All in the name of style!

By the time we got around to shopping, it was getting a little later in the evening and most shops were closed.  We did get to see a couple cute boutiques though, including New Bohemia, a fun vintage shop where I proceeded to take the dorky picture of myself above.

After walking around for a couple hours, we came across a large gathering of food trucks and decided a cupcake would be completely appropriate fuel.

This was probably one of the best decisions that has ever been made because this was the best cupcake I’ve ever had.  Coming from a former red velvet hater, that says a lot.  It was perfect.  Thanks, Hey Cupcake!

Then came some more walking and window shopping.  We stopped at a place highly recommended by the worker at Hey Cupcake, Bouldin Creek Cafe.  I tried a tofu taco that was pretty good!  Very nutritional yeast-y.

We walked out around the town for a couple more hours after that before calling it a night and crashing at a friend’s house.

The next day entailed breakfast at Magnolia Cafe, swimming at Hamilton Pool, and a bit more shopping.

Hamilton Pool was great – a nice break from the heat.  I love nature!

Gonzo was another of the many food trucks that abounded in Austin.  Solid menu with salads, wraps, sandwiches, and juice/smoothies.  Very yummy.  My friend had a watermelon lemonade she couldn’t stop raving about.

Mhm.  This was our last stop before heading back home.

Even though we were in Austin for a very short period in time, I think we got a good feel for the city and we both desire to make a trip back soon!


4 thoughts on “Adventures in austin

  1. Yay! I’m glad you had an awesome time! Austin IS a pretty neat place, no? And boy, you hit up all of my fav places to eat! I LOVE Kerbey Lane and Magnolia Cafe! The best places for brunch. And hello hey cupcake ;). I’m glad you got to try a lot of diff food trucks also! Amazing, aren’t they? Glad you had a great time! Come back soon 😉

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