I’m back and in action!  It’s unfortunate that my laptop broke, but I’m definitely a very blessed little lady for that fact that I was able to get a new one so quickly.

Topic of the day: grocery shopping.  Is it weird that I love it?  Cause I do.

It’s been interesting getting used to the different grocery stores that are out here.  I’ve switched from my beloved Sunflower Market, Trader Joe’s, and Fresh & Easy to H-E-B, Walmart Neighborhood Market, and a new discovery…Fiesta!

Any store whose name means “party” is probably going to be a good store.

As you might assume from the name, the store was largely Hispanic-influenced, which is completely awesome in my book!  (I tried a cactus fruit for the first time!  I guess they’re very popular in Latin America.)  However, what was even more awesome were the serious business ethnic food aisles in the heart of the market.

It was so cool to see rows and rows of items that you would normally have to venture to various international markets for.

Seriously.  Japanese, Thai, German, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean… The list goes on.  They had it all here.

Told you.  They had it all.  (Yikes.)

Ps – What do you do with flattened rice!?

I moseyed in and out of the aisles of the store for a while.  My aimless wandering must have made me look like a completely lost little lamb because a kind worker ended up asking me a couple times if I needed help.  (“Necesitas ayuda?“)

I know a fair amount of Spanish.  By no means am I fluent, but I can get by.  However, the moment someone begins to speak to me in Spanish, I choke and it’s all I can do to squeak out a little, “No, gracias.” or “Bien, y tu?”  Oh, 4 years of high school Spanish, where are you when I need you!?

The outside of the store was flanked with little stands that transported me straight to the streets of Mexico.  Random knick-knacks, children’s toys, knock-off designer clothing… I dug it.  They even had a stand selling tacos and another one selling fresh grilled corn on the cob!  The smells coming from the stands were mouth-watering.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Fiesta and definitely intend to come back.  Such a fun experience and such an easy way to soak in all the culture Texas has to offer.

Have a fantastic day!  I’m off to get myself Rosetta Stone or something. 😉

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