wait. how long has it been?

Blogging has without a doubt taken the back-burner in my life.  I love blogging, but there are other things higher on the priority list right now.

16 credits worth of graduate courses, internship 7:30a-4p every day, enjoying time with the Lord, friends, and simply…myself, these things take up most of my time.

It’s crazy to think that I’m entering my 5th week of clinical rotations.  The way my internship is set up, there are 6 weeks of MNT 1 clinicals, 6 weeks of MNT 2 clinicals, and 4 weeks of staff relief where we basically act as the dietitian of a unit of our choosing!  (I’ll then move on to other rotations including community, food service, management, an elective, etc.)

So far, I’ve worked in the Community Living Center (CLC), which is basically a long-term care type of facility within the VA, and I’ve worked in the spinal cord injury unit.  My experience so far has been fantastic and, as expected, I’ve been learning non-stop.  It’s one thing to be able to study a book, take an exam, and get a good grade.  It’s another thing to be able to apply all that knowledge in a “real life” setting.

I’m loving it.


In other news, Trader Joe’s has been making waves in Houston, having a new location open just a few weeks ago.  I shopped at Trader Joe’s often when I was in Vegas, so I was definitely missing it when I came here.  Now if only I can get a Fresh&Easy

This location happens to reside within an old movie theater and it’s one of the most awesome things ever.  On the walls are movie posters that are TJ’s themed, such as “Planet of the Grapes,” “Singing in the Grain,” and “Pastablanca.”

The lines were totally nuts upon my first visit there; they used the old movie line sanctions to wrangle all the shoppers.

Amidst all the tasks and busy work, I, along with my fellow interns, always try to make time to do fun things and just hang out.

After a surprisingly intense VA fitness center aerobics class.


This Monday after school, we’re all getting together for a potluck and pumpkin-carving extravaganza!  Is it weird that I’ve never carved a pumpkin before?  I’m super excited.  I ventured to a pumpkin patch yesterday in search of the perfect pumpkin, but was way too picky and just ended up with a few baby pumpkins to decorate my apartment.  I’ll have to try again today!

I also plan to make these and potentially these.  I haven’t used my oven for anything other than savory foods yet, so here’s hoping they turn out well!

Love and happy Sunday to you.