quick trip

I just returned this morning from a nice week-long trip back home to Vegas. Here’s a small glimpse of what I’ve been up to.

1. First things first. In-n-out. That’s just life sometimes.  2. Khoury’s Mediterranean. My favorite place for shish kabobs, rice pilaf, and eating my weight in pita bread.  3. Getting stoked for Archi’s. I’ve told you guys about Archi’s before, right? Best Thai food ever. Not ashamed to admit I ate here twice in my 6-day stay.  4. Catching up with my Pittsburgh-dwelling bestie over tea at Sambalatte. This place is where all the cool kids hang out. I tried a French macaron for the first time here.  5. Breakfast for the kind friend who picked me up from the airport at the ridiculous hour of 630am. That girl deserved a prize. That prize was breakfast at the cutest joint called Java Java in the Houston Heights.

There are no pictures to show for the lovely thanksgiving dinner I had. My house was full to the brim of family and loved ones (complete with the cutest bulldog puppy known to man!). I loved just being able to hang out and enjoy the warmth of everyone’s company. And the warmth of my mother’s gosh dang homemade dinner rolls that I swear are sent from heaven.

I’m so very happy for the nice break and the chance to see my family and friends. God’s blessed this little lady with more than she deserves, that’s for sure.

Now I have to get my brain turned back on. Life doesn’t stop for my jet-lag.


recipe bucket list

Today I’ve decided to start an ongoing recipe bucket list.

There have been so many times when I’ve seen/eaten/heard of something and thought, “I have to make that at some point in my life.”  Is anyone with me on this?

Well, what better way to put these words into action than by making a list!  (Naturally, because my internship and graduate school have turned me into a list-maker extraordinare.)


Classic basil pesto
Creme brulee
Rustic loaf of bread
Decadent, full-fat, no-shame macaroni and cheese
Salvadorian pupusas

Alright, there’s just a taste.  I’m sure there have been numerous times when I thought, “Oh gosh…I NEED to make that.”  (Thanks, Pinterest.)  But my follow-through is weak.  I’m super stoked about this bucket list because now I have a solid place to keep track of all my foodie hopes and dreams.

Plus, it’s my theory that this list will turn into many parties.  I mean, who’s going to eat a whole pan of “decadent, full-fat, no-shame macaroni and cheese” all by themself?  Me No one.

What would be on your recipe bucket list?

wannabe chipotle burrito bowls

I love Chipotle.  I haven’t been there in several months, but nevertheless, my love persists.

I had a Chipotle right across the street of my university in undergrad.  It was not uncommon for me to choose burrito bowls and tortilla chips as my fuel for late-night study marathons, double-shifts at work, or to simply tame the beast I call my appetite.

I should tell you that this isn’t a recipe.

This is a do-whatever-you-want type of thing.

The only thing that really tasted like Chipotle in my bowl was my cilantro-lime rice.  Which is a stupid easy recipe I got from here.

Everything else, while amazingly delicious, tasted about 10% similar to Chipotle.

Which is why I’ve chosen to call this a wannabe Chipotle bowl.  A better name might be “Chipotle’s distant cousin twice removed bowl”…but that’s just out of hand.

For the chicken, I dry-rubbed the heck out of it with basically the entire contents of my spice cabinet.  Almost.  I used cumin, chipotle powder, garlic powder, oregano, and cracked black pepper.  Rubbed the chicken with a drizzle of olive oil and threw it in a plastic bag with a splash of orange juice for good measure.

After marinating for a couple hours, I grilled the chicken on my baby George Foreman and served it with fresh avocado and jarred salsa.

Easy, easy, easy.

Just a thought: Fajita veggies would be so perfect.  I’m lazy and just munched on a raw red bell pepper instead.  Same diff.

Boom.  Chipotle burrito bowl/do what you want bowl/distant cousin bowl.  Have fun experimenting!  And for your knowledge: If you want to make something a little more authentic, this website looks like a treasure trove of all things Chipotle.

Love to you!