recipe bucket list

Today I’ve decided to start an ongoing recipe bucket list.

There have been so many times when I’ve seen/eaten/heard of something and thought, “I have to make that at some point in my life.”  Is anyone with me on this?

Well, what better way to put these words into action than by making a list!  (Naturally, because my internship and graduate school have turned me into a list-maker extraordinare.)


Classic basil pesto
Creme brulee
Rustic loaf of bread
Decadent, full-fat, no-shame macaroni and cheese
Salvadorian pupusas

Alright, there’s just a taste.  I’m sure there have been numerous times when I thought, “Oh gosh…I NEED to make that.”  (Thanks, Pinterest.)  But my follow-through is weak.  I’m super stoked about this bucket list because now I have a solid place to keep track of all my foodie hopes and dreams.

Plus, it’s my theory that this list will turn into many parties.  I mean, who’s going to eat a whole pan of “decadent, full-fat, no-shame macaroni and cheese” all by themself?  Me No one.

What would be on your recipe bucket list?


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