An Update

February 23rd.  That’s the last time I posted on this precious little blog of mine.

Goodness gracious.

So much has happened in that time.  I turned 23, successfully completed and graduated from my dietetic internship, saw two sweet friends get married, PASSED MY RD EXAM, roadtripped to Orlando to visit Disneyworld and Harry Potter land, and attended the national FNCE (which was conveniently held in Houston).  I had a wonderful time getting my fair share of knowledge and free loot from FNCE (and in case you didn’t know, insulated string cheese carrying cases are totally a thing).

I took a break from blogging to focus on other important areas of life, but the fact of the matter is…I love blogging!  I have a strong desire to put forth solid content – things that not only I enjoy, but that others might find enjoyable as well.  That said, I’m taking a bit more time to regroup, update, and refocus.

Great things are on the way


Becoming an official Registered Dietitian has brought me to a new stage in life.  If I was any more excited, I think my head might pop off.  Though I have succeeded in achieving my goal of becoming an RD, the adventure surely does not stop now.  Wherever I’m headed, I plan to take you with me.

Magic Kingdom

Just as magical as I had expected.


Where my HP fans at?


Sucker for a checkered floor.

Amy's Ice Cream

May I forever be the kind of dietitian that finds a place for ice cream. Amen amen.

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