Food Jags

Do you know what they are?

A food jag is a common behavior seen in children when they decide to only eat one certain food for an extended period in time. For example, we’ve probably all known a kid who would only eat grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe we were that kid. Maybe we’re secretly still that kid.

Anyways, I contend that adults can settle into food jags as well.

green goddess enchiladas

That brings me to my current obsession: green goddess enchiladas from Joanne’s website. (I almost typed green ‘goodness‘ enchiladas here, which is a totally suitable name for them too. They are off the chain.)

There’s kale and Greek yogurt in the green goddess inspired enchilada sauce. I know. This might sound a bit weird, but let me tell you…it works. And it’s such a creative way to get some green leafy vegetables in! We’ve heard all about kale salad and green smoothies with kale, but I urge you to give some attention to kale enchilada sauce.

The dish is entirely vegetarian and such a refreshing change from the typical heavier Mexican or Tex-Mex style enchiladas.

I’ll gladly have a food jag for these. I’d eat them morning, noon, and night. And for a snack in between.

Follow the link for the recipe (and vastly superior photos).


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