Meet Gabby


I’m Gabby, a child of Christ, Registered Dietitian/Licensed Dietitian, and lover of life with an affinity for other cultures, laughter, and spin class (love/hate relationship).

The ever-changing and ever-exciting field of nutrition has captured my heart, but I am first and foremost a fan of food.  I adore its ability to sustain life, heal sicknesses, and ease pain; to bring people together, create memories, and taste delicious.  Food truly is an international language.

I grew up in Nevada, but am currently calling the great state of Texas home.  Slowly, I’m turning into the type of girl who says “y’all” and doesn’t think twice.

On this blog, you’ll find my attempts at creating delicious food at home, discoveries of rave-worthy restaurants, evidence-based nutrition information, and other miscellany.  We go with the flow here.

I’m stoked you stopped by and I hope to bring some adventure, knowledge, and inspiration to wherever you are, too!

Want to contact me?  Leave me a comment or email!


5 thoughts on “Meet Gabby

  1. Hi Gabby! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. And You have such a beautiful bright smile!! I feel like we’re so similar in our interests and PASSIONS TOO! 😀 There’s no one like Christ…

    • Thank you so much! Oh gosh, I do not miss the stress of internship apps, but it’ll be so worth it! 🙂 I did my internship through the VA medical center in Houston. Let me know if I can help in any way!

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