the waffle bus


A happy accident.  That was this.

Whilst shopping in Rice Village on a glorious sunny Saturday, I saw The Waffle Bus perched conveniently outside Urban Outfitters.

Since I’m completely awkward, and I think lingering is weirder than slinking, I slinked back and forth in front of the menu a couple times to see what they had to offer.

(Pure bliss is essentially what they had to offer.)

The masterminds behind the Waffle Bus offer both sweet and savory sandwiches including a smores sandwich and a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich.

Most of the time when I check out a food truck, I ask whoever’s taking my order to give me a recommendation.  Then I go with that.  It’s never turned out negatively.

This time around, I went with their most popular sandwich, the buttermilk fried chicken because: 1) just let me live, and 2) there is room for everything in a healthy diet.


My hangry photography is a lost cause, but you guys.  This combo ruled.

I have always heard of combining chicken and waffles, but had never tried it myself.  The sweet/savory action is a total winner.

What I liked about the Waffle Bus’s take was that their waffle was not overly sweet.  The flavor was mellow, yet enough for it to hold its own against the salty, savory chicken.

The sauce I got was a spicy mayo which was great, but they had 3 other options that I am sure would have been just as awesome.


I may or may not be craving this right now.  At 9 in the morning.

This was my very first Houston food truck experience* and there’s no chance that it will be my last.  Seriously.  I have a legitimate ongoing list of trucks I’m dying to check out.  Bernie’s Burger Bus has gotten some rave reviews, and I’m all for fusion cuisine.

In other news, I’m a little less than 6 months away from graduating from my internship!  Some days I’m completely dumbfounded and left wondering where the heck the last 6 months went.

I’ve been having a blast.  Here’s to a solid next 6 months!

*Edited to add: Just kidding.  Totally forgot I tried It’s a Wrap when I was shopping at the Discovery Green flea market, but it was a tad underwhelming.  Certainly not bad, but nothing to write home about!


new year

As the Facebook resolution posts and Groupons for boot camp and yoga flood into my life, I want to really reflect on what a great year 2012 was.

This was a year for the books. Big things and little things that added up to big things are what made the year incredible. Let me reminisce real quick.

I ran my first 5k.  A goofy picture of me featured here.
158I got a managerial position at my favorite place of work.
rec centerI bailed on studying for my biochem final to take a 4th of July trip to San Diego with a couple good friends.  (No regrets.)
I formed tight friendships with my classmates.
221I won at bingo for the first (and probably last) time ever.
I graduated cum laude.
I moved to Texas (and brought a little piece of Vegas with me).
I started my dietetic internship. And grad school!
2012 brought some of the most significant changes into my life thus far. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that God’s timing is ALWAYS right. Anyone remember the E! True Hollywood stories when the celebrity would start the show off with saying, “You think you know, but you have no idea”? That’s how I feel about my own life sometimes. I think I have things figured out; a plan that I consider perfect for myself. But then I step back and remember that my life is in the hands of the Creator and whatever He has in store for me is lightyears better than any amateur plan I can concoct. God gives you things when you’re ready and not a second before.

Most days, my heart feels like it’s about to burst from the amount of joy the Lord has blessed me with.  The blessings have been constant.  I found out how truly different life can be when your focus is in the right place (hint: the right place is not yourself) ((note to self: always remember this)).

In the new year, I hope to dig in to the things that really move me.  Obtain and keep that can’t stop, won’t stop attitude.  Love and give unconditionally.  And maybe get a six-pack.  Just kidding.  Kind of.